Timber Supplies Melbourne

Timber Supplies Melbourne
Country australia
Address 9A Burnett St, Somerton VIC 3062

We Are Oztimber Supplier
Oztimber is a timber and building supply company based in Australia. We provide a wide range of hardwood and softwood materials, including wood for furniture, walls, flooring, and other uses. If you are a builder, contractor, or simply seeking to give your house a facelift with new fixtures and fittings, we offer everything you need at the lowest prices in Australia.

OZTimber Supplies is the best place to go for all of your timber requirements. We offer a wide range of wood materials at very reasonable prices. We are one of the few Australian companies with an integrated supply chain process, allowing us to provide a full-service solution for all of our customers’ timber needs.

OZTimber Supplier- we provide more than just timber and timber products. We provide the complete service and support you need to do what you do best. We can provide you with: – High-quality woods – Outstanding service and support – Transportation and logistics services – Timber and product knowledge – Professional advice and support – Outstanding customer service

Oztimber, one of Australia’s top timber suppliers, spares no effort to make sure that you get the greatest experience possible when you order timber from us. As a result, we’ve created the most convenient delivery and payment method, making placing your timber orders simple, smooth, and trouble-free. Furthermore, our always-friendly team of professionals is always available to help you with whatever you require.

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