Harbor Property Management - Long Beach

Harbor Property Management - Long Beach
Country USA
Address 3553 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90807

Property Management, real estate management, Rental Property Management

Harbor Property Management – Long Beach prides itself on delivering comprehensive rental property management solutions within the Long Beach area. Our keen understanding of the dynamics at play in local real estate enables us to provide specialized services such as efficient rent collection, thorough tenant vetting procedures, and diligent day-to-day upkeep tasks. Our energy is directed toward the careful stewardship of your investment while maintaining cost-effective practices that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

The harmonious balance between personalized attention and professional expertise defines our ethos at Harbor Property Management. Anticipate transparent pricing structures devoid of hidden charges; our integrity shines through every facet of our billing process. For property owners seeking sound peace of mind partnered with a promise of excellence in their long beach property management endeavors, look no further— contact us for an experience marked by competence and commendable results for your properties.

Hours of Operation:
Mon To Fri : 08:00 – 17:00
Sat to Sun : Closed

Our Email: [email protected]

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